Rowenna Update

Just a quick photo post in between all the school stuff and the post I’ll be putting up on Friday about the tragic death of Robert Ethan Saylor. Lest you think my life is all doom and gloom and thinking deep thoughts about disability issues, here’s what Rowenna has been up to her while her mom has been IEPing, advocating, and blogging about the big ideas instead of blogging about the reason behind it all – our sweet girl. Consider this a promise for more Ro pics in the coming weeks.

Spring has finally decided to arrive. Of course in Wisconsin, spring means 40 degrees. But hey, I’ll take it. Spring brings with it spring cleaning:

Window Washer Blog

It also means fun new wellies to wear now that the snow has melted and the world is wet, muddy, and oh-so-fun to stomp around in:

Boots Blog

We cleaned up her little car and took it for a spin:

First Drive of Spring BlogWent to the farm to visit hubby’s family:

Ro and Grandpa Blog

Went on an Easter egg hunt:

Easter Egg Hunt Blog

And celebrated Easter:

Easter Blog

My life is full, rich with these wonderful little moments with my daughter. It’s these moments that fuel my desire to create a more accessible, just world for my daughter, for my friends, and for the families coming up behind us.

But I forget that you, the readers, aren’t privy to these little bits of sunshine, and without them this blog loses a bit of its luster. It starts to sound a bit like angry special needs mom being angry, rather than proud and joyful special needs mom wanting a better world for her child.

We are doing ok, this family of mine. With spring comes the promise of warmth and sunshine and green things growing. We have an oven again. We have two reliable vehicles. We’ve been working out. I’ve been knitting and reading and advocating, all things that I absolutely love.

And Rowenna? Well, Rowenna is Rowenna. Happy, thriving, curious and clever. Going through a fun stage of being very interested in how things work. Watching mechanical items very carefully, figuring out ways to open and close new things, watching us go about our daily chores and always trying to join in. She’s growing – nearly in 4T clothes now – and able to access just about everything in the house by moving a chair or stool over and climbing right up.

Thanks for sticking with me as I explore the things that go through my mind and question the “supposed to’s” I so often come across in Rowenna’s world.

2 responses to this post.

  1. Beautiful girl!
    Not sure if this will work in the US but the BBC radio soap The Archers has a storyline about Bethany, a baby with DS. Last night fiction/reality blurred because a young man with DS and his mum came to talk to a group in the village and were able to connect with Bethany’s parents


  2. We all forgot to enjoy the day and the life we lead with our little ones sometimes. It’s these moments of joy, whether private or shared, that makes this parenting gig oh so wonderful. Spring is a new promise of a new season. I cannot wait to see you and your little ray of sunshine next week!


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