Naw Rúz and World Down Syndrome Day

All around the world, Bahá’is are celebrating Naw Rúz today. They are gathering as families and communities, praying, and breaking the fast together. (You really haven’t seen a party until you’ve seen a group of people breaking a fast! They are in a great mood.) Today is another worldwide celebration – World Down Syndrome Day. People are celebrating their loved ones, friends, neighbors, and coworkers with Down syndrome.

It feels good to have a stake in both these things. The very day dedicated to the new year is the same day I get to celebrate my new life.

This selection about Naw Rúz from the writings speaks to the duality of this day:

…blessed is he who evidenceth on this day the bounties that God bestowed upon him.

I’ve been looking back on this last year and thinking about the bounties God has bestowed upon myself and my family. The list is long!

For me, it’s been some eye-opening experiences and some major heart changes. Sitting side by side with adults with developmental disabilities and realizing that the future is going to be just fine for Rowenna. Feeling more confident about using my voice and my words to help create positive change. Finally coming to a place of peace about being a translocation carrier.

For Rowenna, it’s been a year of victories. Starting to truly engage others in play. Slowly but surely developing a spoken and signed vocabulary. Walking with a push toy. Eating with utensils. And just last night – standing on her own for the first time.

For my family, it’s therapists and a pediatrician who really get it and who love our daughter. Some financial generosity (which still moves me to tears to think about) and some luck when it comes to finding sources of income. Growing stronger in love. Laughing and smiling more. Settling into a good rhythm and looking forward to the future.

It’s been a beautiful year, and I’m looking forward to celebrating my life with Rowenna today!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Happy World Down Syndrome Day Rowenna! Love, Ellie


  2. Happy WDSD!


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