Baha’i Faith: Day 19

We’ve reached the final post of my little project. This has been an interesting few weeks – in some ways I feel even closer to my faith, in other ways I have been reminded there are still a few struggles for me in the faith.

I thought long and hard about whether or not to write about what still makes me think and question and wonder in my faith. I didn’t want to leave the impression that my faith journey has been the easiest journey of my life, though it has certainly been one of the most thought-provoking and fulfilling. I’ve decided not to because being Bahá’í means being open to the independent search for truth, and supporting others on their own journeys toward truth. It’s not for me to point out the struggles – it’s up to each person to learn about the faith on their own terms.

I hope in all of these posts you have gotten a feel for the Baha’i faith. I tried to avoid lists of our social teachings, the things we are asked not to do, and long lists of concrete beliefs and instead made an attempt at conveying how it feels to be Bahá’í. If you want more Bahá’í 101, check out the link on the side of my blog. It is a reputable site about the faith.

To sum it all up – for me, the faith glows. The words sing and fill my heart. I am glad to be Bahá’í and look forward to teaching my sweet Rowenna about the faith as she grows. I am glad to have been married in the faith and look forward to a long life with hubby as we grow in faith together.

And so, to close out these 19 days:

“Cleanse ye your eyes, so that ye behold no man as different from yourselves. See ye no strangers; rather see all men as friends, for love and unity come hard when ye fix your gaze on otherness. And in this new and wondrous age, the Holy Writings say that we must be at one with every people; that we must see neither harshness nor injustice, neither malevolence, nor hostility, nor hate, but rather turn our eyes toward the heaven of ancient glory. For each of the creatures is a sign of God, and it was by the grace of the Lord and His power that each did step into the world; therefore they are not strangers, but in the family; not aliens, but friends, and to be treated as such.”

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