When There is Silence…

…go look for your bag of Pirate’s Booty.


It’s possible your 17 month old has figured out how to pull up on the coffee table and reach things that used to be inaccessible to her. It’s also possible she won’t eat them one-by-one, delicately – she will dump the entire bag on the floor and eat them by the fistful.



4 responses to this post.

  1. This makes me smile. By leaps and bounds the world is becoming BIGGER! 😀


  2. Usually when Little Man is quiet, it means he’s gotten into something he shouldn’t have….or he fell into the toybox again.


  3. I’m totally laughing over here – HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! And man, do I agree. It’s tough right now because I’m deaf, so things tend to usually be silent. What I look for is a kind of a quiet in the air – there is a sort of lack of air movement and my hackles draw right up and it’s like mmmm……… where is that girl?
    RoRo and Moxie, man… they’d be double trouble.


  4. Reminds me when my sister’s boy was growing up, things in her living room started moving higher higher up on shelves and toys started showing-up on the lower (moving upwards) shelves.


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