We just got back from a delightful camping trip to Door County (the “thumb” of Wisconsin).

Last time we went camping, we had a 3 month old in full heart failure, taking medications several times a day, and being fed through an ng-tube. I figured since we had survived that, we could pretty much do anything with Rowenna.

This time was a little different. Funny, once your kid gets mobile, she prefers to stay mobile. We had to do some creative problem solving before we left – where would Rowenna move around? I’m ok with some dirt, but a child completely covered in dirt wasn’t going to happen. So we brought a tent just for Rowenna toys. She spent quite a bit of time crawling around in there and chatting with her toys.

Woah! Something awesome is happening outside!

We went on some great hikes. Rowenna is a most amiable child – content to just be with us. She even caught a snooze in the backpack during one hike.

Having fun on a hike!

We ventured out into town a few times and made a stop at a favorite spot from my childhood – Al Johnson’s in Sister Bay. The roof is covered in grass and goats munch on it during the day. Rowenna was delighted to see this and it made me really proud to share something from my childhood with my own daughter. This mom thing is kind of fun!

Rowenna enjoying the goats on the roof!

And of course, Rowenna had to have some camping gear. (read: I needed an excuse to buy these boots)

Camping Boots

Wrist Warmers

And since I occasionally brag about my knitting here: yes, I made those wrist warmers. And gosh darn it, did my girl look cute in them! Only in Wisconsin in June would you need furry boots and wool wrist warmers.

Overall, the trip was an absolute success. I love how normal our life is these days. So many of our initial fears just never came true, and for that I am truly grateful.

One last camping pic:

Happy camper!

6 responses to this post.

  1. Hi from the UK, I have just come across your blog and thought it delighful, full of warmth and positive vibes. Rowenna is adorable! I hope you enjoy many more happy camping trips.


  2. Fun! I love camping too. We are going to the Upper Peninsula in a few weeks to camp with all 3 of our boys. I think we’re crazy!


  3. Beautiful! Looks like a really fun time. I’m super impressed – I could barely even fathom taking Samantha (who was healthy!) out to the store when she was a baby, let alone camping!!

    Love the wrist warmers. 🙂


  4. Darling post! From DC I can’t imagine the wrist warmers in June. The tent picture is perfect!


  5. Posted by Sara-Jane on July 8, 2011 at 8:31 am

    Hi! Love the post – I will continue to read your blog. I am writing because I saw your post on Raverly but couldn’t figure out how to respond. So, I followed you to here – which after reading the post was a great find.

    I have a suggestion. There is a wonderful stamp museum in Massachusetts called the Spellman Stamp Museum. I think you should be in touch with them. They are so nice. I have yet to go there but I am on their mailing list. I don’t think you should do anything without talking / writing to them. And if I can be of any help please let me know. I life close by (about 15 miles) and was planning to visit the museum this summer.

    Good luck and let me know if I can do anything to help.


  6. Hopefully it’s not too late to read about your post that’s truly a great find! Rowenna is so adorable, tent picture is one of a kind. It’s really nice to go camping with your kids no matter how young they are, it’s so lovely seeing them enjoy as much as you do.


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