Naw Rúz 2011

I haven’t talked about my faith for a little while. It’s a routine part of my life and I sometimes forget to give it the attention it deserves.

March 21 is Naw Rúz, the Bahá’i new year, and is always cause for celebration – especially since it marks the end of a 19 day fast. Last night’s gathering was no exception. Beautiful songs, prayers read aloud by participants with a variety of beautiful accents and in several different languages, families and friends worshiping together – even a chance to hear Bahá’í prayers sung in Persian. Tears welled in my eyes to hear Bahá’u’lláh’s words sung in their original language.

For me, this is a time of reflection. Much like people set resolutions on January 1, I like to think about the prior year and set goals for the new year.

As I meditate and pray on the year to come, this bit from the writings about Naw Rúz comes to mind:

…blessed is he who evidenceth on this day the bounties that God bestowed upon him.

What perfect words for today. Not only is it the new year, it is also World Down Syndrome Day, and here I am, reflecting on the beauty of my baby girl.

I love that the new year starts on the very day dedicated to celebrating our new life.  I love that World Down Syndrome Day is the very day God wants me to see the blessings I’ve been given.

And I see them. I do. When I think about the people we’ve met because of Rowenna, the friends who have reached out to support us, the family who love her, all 47 chromosomes…I see God’s hand. When I watch her take in her surroundings, when I hear her chatting, when I snuggle her close and her little body melts…I see God’s hand.

So, it’s Ya Bahá’u’l-abhá today. Ya Bahá’u’l-abhá for the bounties bestowed on my family this year.

Happy Naw Rúz and Happy World Down Syndrome Day!

Rowenna Standing at the Coffee Table and Taking it All In!


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