Weekend Round-Up

We had quite the weekend and some fun firsts for Miss Rowenna!

First off, an overnight visit to my parents where we tried a dissolvable puff for the first time. (After several shopping trips to look for gluten-free puffs.) Rowenna has mixed feelings on them, but my momma heart swelled with pride to see her tackle a new skill head on and succeed!

First Time Eating a Puff!

Saturday morning we drove up to Minnesota (yes, left cold Wisconsin for colder Minnesota) to watch the drum line my brother instructs. She was a champion during the car ride, skipped the actual performance because those shows tend to be quite loud, and then enjoyed her first trip to the Mall of America. She loved all the sights and sounds! Baby girl is going to be a shopper, I think! After the mall we had dinner with some dear family friends who spent most of the night oohing and aahing over this little one. It was such a treat to see these wonderful people.

We then stayed with my cousin and her family. We enjoyed a relaxed Sunday morning while our littles ran around the living room. Rowenna loved being with the kids and was all smiles. She even impressed us by sitting independently to play with a toy for an extended period of time! I guess she was inspired by all the activity around her.

Sitting Up Independently to Play!

For Valentines Day, Great Grandma (who we now call “GG”) came for a visit. We went to lunch and then Rowenna read a book with GG. The book was a special valentine from GG. Thanks, GG!

Reading a Valentine Book with GG

Inspired by her awesome sitting-up skills, we decided to let Rowenna ride in the seat of a grocery cart for the first time. She had a blast! She was all smiles as we rolled her around. I’m so proud of my little girl!

First Time Riding in a Cart!

And to cap it all off, Miss Rowenna went to her first protest this evening. I don’t want my blog to become political, so I’ll just say that some really scary changes are being proposed in our state right now that directly affect the stability and financial well-being of my family. Hubby is a hard worker who deserves nothing of what’s about to come if this bill can’t be stopped.

Rowenna at Her First Protest. She's Under the Blanket!

To end on a lighter note, Rowenna has a question for you.

Will You Be My Valentine?

You will? Oh, that’s just great!

Happy You'll Be My Valentine!

Happy Valentines Day!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Marita on February 15, 2011 at 5:27 pm

    I will be that little lady’s valentine any day!


  2. that’s a LOT of newness!


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