Dear Rowenna

I’m sitting here in the ICU with you as you heal from open heart surgery. You have surpassed everyone’s expectations. Every time a doctor warned us something might happen, you dug in your heels and proved them wrong. You are beautiful and pink and every bit as wonderful as they said you would be after surgery.

I am so proud of you. I am so proud to be your mother!

Right before your surgery, you started to get very weak, pale, and tired. I missed the little girl who babbled for hours and reached for toys and did tummy time like a champ. I was so afraid for you, and so afraid I would never see perky little you again.

But here you are, healing like a pro. You are babbling away and waving your pudgy little legs in the air. You are amazing!

I knew I loved you before, but I think my love for you just increased 1000 fold. You are a fighter. You are determined. You are stubborn! And you are so beautiful.

You are a gift. We have challenges ahead of us, but you just showed me that you’re going to plow right through them and never look back. There’s a gleam in your eye, baby girl, and I know you’re telling me that we’re going  to be just fine.



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