Beautiful Morning

Yesterday we had new windows installed in our bedroom. We live in 104 year old house and the previous windows were beyond repair and the glass was thick and dingy.

This morning I woke up to miraculous sunlight filling the room. Everything looked so fresh and crisp and clean. It was like seeing the room for the first time. I looked over and Rowenna was asleep on her daddy’s chest, her little arms dangling on either side of his chest like a hug, her purple and white striped sleeper making her look extra snuggly. Fresh summer air floated in through windows we hadn’t been able to open for two years.

This truly was a morning for breakfast in bed. I made a batch of gluten-free apple cinnamon muffins and cooked up some  omelettes. On our vibrant Fiestaware plates, breakfast looked homey and festive. While I cooked, I could hear that Rowenna had woken up. She was cooing and gurgling. Such was her joy at waking up in daddy’s arms that I could hear her all the way downstairs.

The sound was delicious. I spent the morning in that sun-drenched room with my family and just soaked up the joy. What a beautiful morning.

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